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Artists of the Edgewood Addition to the City of Vero Beach, FL

As the city of Vero Beach was evolving and growing during the 1920's, additional areas and neighborhoods were being laid out and developed. 
Edgewood Addition is one such neighborhood, bordering the southwest edge of the Historic Downtown area.


This area has gone through the typical cycles of boom and bust, and is now being revitalized as the Vero Beach Art Village in Edgewood
More info can be found here:

More info from the City of Vero Beach about early plans and ideas:

Map of Buildings by Use:

Charles Howse, Photographer

This page is intended to be a place for artists who live and work within the Edgewood area ( and even those who are nearby) to have a small space on the internet.

If you want several pages, or a single page, or just a 'business card' spot on the main page with a link to your full web site, Let me know.

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